Reckoning with US History

Charis Polycarpou March 22, 2021

February/March 2021 For some time now, our society has embraced the idea that educating the next generation is imperative. Despite impressive change in recent years, education is not always given its...

Navigating the College Whirlwind

Grady Holmes January 9, 2021

January 2021 College is a very daunting concept for many teens, most notably those in high school. The college selection process is a whirlwind of tests, grades, extracurriculars, and more. These various...

In Support of Remote Learning

Lucia Balestrieri January 8, 2021

January 2021 Though I started fully remote learning out of necessity and an abundance of caution, I have found a whole host of upsides along the way that I never expected. I know that there are negatives,...

How Affirmative Action Shapes the College Application Process

How Affirmative Action Shapes the College Application Process

Andrés Polanco December 17, 2019

Race has been a divisive issue in this nation since its founding. From slavery to Jim Crow laws to quotas on immigration, minorities, especially Black Americans, have faced systematic oppression and serious...

Opinion: Lets Stop Using Celsius

Opinion: Let’s Stop Using Celsius

Dominic Polycarpou December 17, 2019

Americans stand apart from the rest of the world in many things, and it could be argued our practices are often wrong. From using yards to insisting on the Electoral College, we can comfortably be accused...

Image: The Walt Disney Corporation

The Mouse’s Media Monopoly

Andres Polanco December 17, 2019

Mickey Mouse is the ruler of our childhood. For almost a century, the Walt Disney Company has continually produced animated shorts and movies, expanding its media presence exponentially. This company was...

The Real Problems Behind Nicotine

The Real Problems Behind Nicotine

Aiden Croft December 17, 2019

Nicotine is a chemical compound placed in vaping cartridges, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and other mock-tobacco products. It is the leading cause of addiction in teens and adults, and can lead to severe...

Image: Sarah Clayton

The Vending Machine Crisis

Amalia Wompa December 17, 2019

The vending machines in the high school cafeteria are usually flooded with students at all lunch hours. However, when the usual flock appeared on September 12th this school year, they were met with a sign...

In Defense of the Rom-Com

Andres Polanco September 9, 2019

It is no secret that romantic comedies are not considered the manliest of all movie genres. These movies are largely considered feminine because of their focus on topics like love and other emotions that...


Issue of the Issue: Veganism

Eva Kuhn and Dominic Polycarpou September 9, 2019

Veganism--the popular diet choice that involves cutting out all animal products, from meat to eggs to leather--has divided the world for years. Is it a genuine way to improve one's health, help the environment,...

Veganism and Food Allergies

Jack Weidner September 9, 2019

As the vegan lifestyle has gained popularity in recent years, there have been arguments and debates from both sides, but a perspective that has not often been heard is that of people whose food allergies...

Book Review: Michelle Obama’s Becoming

Dominic Polycarpou April 29, 2019

—Dominic Polycarpou Michelle Obama’s new book, Becoming, is a masterpiece in its message, execution, and pur- pose. Over the course of the memoir, Obama demonstrates her skill as a writer...

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