Sleepy Coffee Article

On any given morning, chances are you’ll see a student or a teacher drinking from a cup of coffee. While many students usually get their caffeine fix from Dunkin Donuts, Muddy Waters, or their own homes, that no longer has to be the case, as a brand new coffee shop has opened right here in Sleepy Hollow High School!

This new coffee, shop, Sleepy Coffee, opened it’s doors for the first time during the summer of 2015 as a summer school “perk.” It was instituted by Project YOU, a program that offers professional training for students with disabilities, at the high school. The goal of the program was to open a local business that would give students the opportunity to gain real-world work experience while providing a service to the community. Thus, Sleepy Coffee was born.

The beautiful Sleepy Coffee stand was constructed with funds from a grant from the Foundation for the Public Schools of the Tarrytown by Mrs. Rosenburg and her class.

Fall of 2017 marks the first semester Sleepy Coffee has been open during the school year. “The stand is run by all of the students who participate in Project YOU,” says Ms. Kaczmarek, a special-ed teacher and supervisor of the program.” She went on to explain how the application process for a job at Sleepy Coffee is very similar to those in the real world, as the program’s goal is to prepare Project YOU students for the workforce. “Students have to apply for positions, write a resume, be interviewed, and go through training in order to work at Sleepy Coffee.”

Running the store requires planning and careful preparation. “Each morning, the students do the prep work for Sleepy Coffee by baking, making the coffee, and setting up the cart. The students keep track of what is sold and make monthly shopping trips to Sam’s Club to replenish supplies,” Ms. Kaczmarek added. 

Sleepy Coffee has been a great success in raising funds for Project YOU, all while being highly appreciated by SHHS students. Taylor Mosey, a repeat customer of Sleepy Coffee, added “I think that the coffee cart is a great new addition to the school. Having coffee and food right by the lounge and entrance is convenient because students no longer have to walk down to Mobile, especially in the cold winter.”

The stand, located in the main lobby every morning from 10:30 – 11, sells products including coffee, hot chocolate, brownies, and bagged snacks. Typical prices range from $.50 to $1.00.