Senior Spotlight!

A column dedicated to highlighting members of the senior class

Luke Bellas

Luke has been quite involved in the school community throughout his high school career. He runs for the school on the cross country, indoor, and outdoor track teams year-round. Luke spends most of his free time drawing and eating. Luke will miss seeing his friends and running for the track team once he graduates, but he is excited to see what awaits him beyond high school and hopes to pursue art as a career.

Did you know? In his free time, Luke listens to Japanese music.


Karyme Briones

Karyme is an especially busy member of the school community. She played for the girls’ varsity tennis team for two years, is the president of L.A.S.O., a member of P.A.W., and is a science research student. For community service, she helps children with reading and homework in the John Paulding After School Program. Karyme particularly enjoys doodling, collecting unique pens and dancing. Her favorite memory of Sleepy Hollow is Spirit Week. Karyme looks forward to attending college and creating new memories.

Did you know? Karyme has changed her hair color four times!


Joceline Maita

Joceline is a dedicated member of several school organizations. This includes ENL Ambassadors, peer mentorship, cross country, and indoor and outdoor track and field. In addition, she is a member of the math, science, English, art and Rho Kappa honor societies. In her free time, Joceline enjoys running, listening to music, and watching her favorite TV show, The Walking Dead. She looks forward to meeting new people and being able to travel freely once she graduates, although she will miss her friends and teachers at school.

Did you know? Joceline does professional weight-lifting outside of school. She has even competed in national championships!


Atharv Sethi

Atharv has found his niche among the numerous extra curriculars in which he is involved. These activities include cross country, indoor and outdoor track, orchestra, peer mentorship, and the digital news. He enjoys listening to music, playing chess, eating, reading and cooking. He is eager to pursue a higher education in college and experience the wonders of campus life. Atharv believes that his peers, in addition to his teachers and Spirit Week are what have had the greatest positive influence on his high school experience.

Did you know? Atharv is a fierce vegetarian and loves pandas.