What’s Goin’ On?


Leah Scarpati, Staff Writer

On Sunday, January 24th, the village of the Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown hosted a solidarity march where hundreds of community members among all races, ages, gender, and socioeconomic factions gathered to advocate for the ideals our nation was founded upon. The march was intended to bring the town together to acknowledge that we are part of a community that respects one another as neighbors, friends, and family, regardless of people that try and divide us. The march concluded in Patriot’s Park where members of the community spoke (in English and Spanish) about the impact of Mr. Trump’s executive order. This march wasn’t about being a Democrat or Republican, it was about being human and sharing that common ground, despite cultural differences. There were no hateful words being used, instead only positive messages. As many signs read, “Un pueblo unido jamás será vencido.”


Since America’s inception, people have fought back against perceived threats to their inalienable rights. We’ve been told that men have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Well, our country has expanded upon this, demanding these rights for all people in this country. Many Americans as well as people across the globe believe that the new presidential administration challenges these fundamental ideals. In response, people have taken to the streets in peaceful protest of specific actions by the new president along with the overall principles that he and his team support. There have been numerous protests addressing different issues the new presidency brings up. For example, protests such as Day Without Immigrants, United Voices Rally, Bodega Protests, and Airport Protests were in rejection of the executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, as well as a suspension of all refugees coming into the U.S. Other rallies have included the Women’s March on Washington, Love Trumps Hate March, Not My President Day, and several others focusing on LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, environmental protection, and other issues that have been brought up by members of the administration. The purpose of the marches are often seen as pure denigration of Mr. Trump; however, many of the marchers see them instead as liberation of people who feel they aren’t represented in the America that Mr. Trump paints. The people protesting have no negative intentions; rather, they are fighting out of love and acceptance for this country and its people.


No matter your beliefs, it’s undeniable that what’s going on around us today is going to go down in history. It’s easy to look back in textbooks and say what we would have done had we been alive then, but the present gives us all a chance to put those thoughts into actions. If you feel strongly about what’s going on and wish for your voice to be heard, there are apt opportunities to get out and be the change we’ve all heard so much about. Some upcoming protests include the Tax Day March on April 15th, encouraging Mr. Trump to release his tax documentation, the March For Science on April 22nd, in support of government funded science research programs, and the People’s Climate Mobilization on April 29th in support of information on climate change and environmental protection.