Biden’s First Actions


February/March 2021

On the campaign trail, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden made several promises. He promised to rethink the nation’s approach to Covid-19. He promised to invest in green energy and rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. He also pledged to reform the American criminal justice system, as well as create business support for minorities and minority communities. In over the first 30 days of his presidency, he has done quite a bit to achieve these goals.

President Biden was sworn into office on January 20th. After less than 24 hours as the most powerful man in the country, he had signed 15 executive orders. He first rejoined the Paris Accord, an agreement formed in 2016 that pledges to keep global temperatures well below 3.6°F above pre-industrial times. Under the accord, each member will set its emission targets to reduce global warming. Biden also passed an order to promote racial equality, directing his government to evaluate its agencies and “advance equity for all”. Biden rolled back the travel ban on majority-Muslim countries that former President Donald Trump had passed during his presidency. To combat the coronavirus, he mandated the wearing of masks on all federal property, as well as coordinated a government-wide response to the pandemic. Biden continues to roll back Trump-era policies and decisions, revising immigration policies and ordering for the inclusion of undocumented immigrants into the census. He revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, which was set to carry crude oil from Canada through indigenous lands. He pulled funds away from Trump’s border wall and strengthened DACA, a program presented by former President Barack Obama that Trump had previously tried to dismantle and undermine. Biden also banned discrimination based on gender identity “or” sexual orientation, a move lauded by LGBTQ+ advocates.

All of these actions occurred on just the first day of Biden’s presidency. On day two, he passed more orders focusing on the pandemic, such as supporting the continued operation of schools, expanding access to virus treatments,
and establishing a Health Equity Task Force to help address social inequalities caused by the pandemic. Other prominent orders that he has made since then include reversing the transgender military ban, reinstating travel restrictions due to the virus, ending reliance on private prisons, initiating a plan to combat climate change in America, and much more. President Biden’s actions at the very beginning of his term show that he plans to be quite an active president. With the advantage of a Democratic Congress, (Democrats control the House of Representatives and with Vice President Kamala Harris’s vote, they will also control the Senate) Biden should be able to pass many bills that align with the policies he advocated for his campaign. He faces many problems as he takes charge of the country, and hopefully, he can administer at least equally many solutions.