Senior Spotlight!


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January 2021


Arya Glenn

Arya is an officer in the National Honor Society and the Assistant Director of the musical for the past few years. She plays clarinet and is also a member of the Student Advocates for Gender Equality club. Arya’s favorite season is fall because she loves the changing leaves and hot apple cider. A fun fact about her is that she LOVES potatoes and
they are her all time favorite food.



Sandra Aderemi

Sandra is a local activist and has helped create an organization to mobilize Westchester students to organize around their local issues known as the Westchester Student Organizers for Justice and Liberation. She is also involved in the TUFSD Equity Committee’s Student Equity Leadership which strives to promote equity throughout the district. A fun fact about Sandra is that she is terrified of every single animal, including cats and dogs.



Jack Taylor

Jack is a member of several honor societies and is an avid mountain biker and founder of the mountain biking club. He is also a member of Mock Trial and is on the cross country team and the track team. A fun fact about Jack is that his favorite ice cream flavor is Black Raspberry.