Sleepy’s Model UN Club


January 2021

A great way to get involved in high school and participate in community building is by joining clubs. While appearing differently this year because of Covid-19 restrictions, clubs are still running strong and remain a cornerstone of inter-grade communication and school spirit. The Model United Nations Club, one of the most affected by the inability to meet in person, continues to meet remotely to keep fulfilling the purpose of the club.

The Model United Nations Club can be found in schools across the country. Students from different schools come together in conferences to create a mock UN and solve the world’s problems. Under the current climate, conferences must be held online, but they are still generating good conversations and inter-school communication. During conferences, students learn to write position papers and resolutions. They learn about different types of committees and their jobs. Most importantly, students learn about the world’s problems and potential solutions. At conferences,
students represent different countries or historical figures, discuss problems and make connections
with other students.

Members shared memories of conferences and experiences through the club, highlighting the positive moments they shared with their peers. Many feel their confidence increased tremendously while participating in conferences. Others enjoyed meeting students from other towns who are similarly driven and have related interests. For students interested in exposing themselves to more of the world, MUN offers the opportunity to meet new people with different life stories and experiences. Participating in the MUN club helps improve communication skills and the ability to compromise. Soft skills such as these transfer well and prove important in the workplace and later in

The club is looking for new members, so if you’re a student interested in joining, contact
president’s Kailtyn Chen at [email protected] or Aliya Tang at [email protected]