In Support of Remote Learning

January 2021

Though I started fully remote learning out of necessity and an abundance of caution, I have found a whole host of upsides along the way that I never expected. I know that there are negatives, but we can’t ignore the silver linings. To make sure that my experience wasn’t an anomaly, I brought it up to a few others, and they agreed that there are actually quite a few benefits.

Remote learning makes getting ready in the morning so much easier. Clothing choices are quick and comfy, and cutting out travel time means extra sleep. School still starts too early for anyone to be fully functioning, but I’m sure most students agree that we’ll take what we can get. Those few travel minutes between class periods are also underrated. They feel like nothing when you’re actually walking to and from classrooms in the building, but
I’ve come to really appreciate a quick break in between Google Meets.

I’ve come to find that lunch, and eating overall, is better at home than at school. There’s no racing to eat a granola bar on the way to first period because you can eat breakfast whenever you want. There’s no need to wait in line for food or remember to pack a lunch in the morning. You can choose what you eat, whether it’s raiding your fridge for leftovers, or ordering ahead of time so your favorite meal shows up at your front door. Plus, you  don’t have to worry about finding a seat or having a group of friends to sit with. If you feel so inclined, it’s not hard to Facetime a friend.

Academically, there are definitely downsides to remote learning, but there are a few aspects that I’m hoping will stick around after the pandemic. I’ve been waiting for teachers to get a hang of Google Classroom for years and it seems like they really have. With all assignments posted online and set with due dates and notifications, organization is easy. You no longer have to worry about remembering to write down assignments in planners or on the back of your hand during class time. And, you can do your work from anywhere! In the future, if schools keep using Google Classroom efficiently, students won’t have so much trouble keeping up with work when they miss days.

Another organizational upside is the ability to keep all your work in one place. Everyone learns differently, but if you really wanted, all of your work could be done on a laptop, which means never losing notes and less waste. Students learning from home never have to carry heavy backpacks, and they never have to scramble to pack in the morning. Materials are either online or in your workspace at home. You’ll never get points taken off for being underprepared or forgetting homework at home.

The remote learning situation isn’t perfect and there are lots of things to miss about in-person school, but there’s a reason that we’re being careful, and these efforts do actually keep people safe. Until things get better, I’ll keep in mind why I’m staying home, and I’ll take full advantage of the upsides of remote learning