What’s Wrong With New York Football?

November 2020

The New York Jets and New York Giants started the season with a combined 0-10 record, the Jets have not made the playoffs since 2010 and the Giants have nine wins in the last two seasons.

What has been the problem with New York football? How is it possible that New York City, a dream city for athletes to play for, has struggled for the last few years and is off to such a poor start this year?

For the New York Jets, the last few years have been a carousel for coaches and quarterbacks with three coaches and eleven starting quarterbacks in the last ten years. The Jets were optimistic when they decided to draft quarterback Sam Darnold third overall in the 2018 NFL draft, but despite his talent, the Jets have struggled to give Darnold the ability to grow. The reason Darnold has struggled is because he has experienced two head coaches, a poor offensive line ranked twenty-second in the league in pass coverage and has already given up eight sacks this season. The New York Jets have also struggled to succeed in the AFC East division due to the looming New England Patriots, who have won the division eleven straight years. Jets fans may be optimistic now that Tom Brady is gone because it is their
opportunity to take the division, but it seems that the Buffalo Bills have seized the moment starting this year with a 4-0 record and their quarterback, Josh Allen, making a case for MVP.

All Jets fans can hope for is either Darnold to step up under struggling coach Adam Gase, hire a new coach that will help Darnold become an elite quarterback, or finish this year 0-16 and draft generational prospect Trevor Lawrence from Clemson. Under first year head coach Joe Judge, the Giants are off to an abysmal start with their second year
quarterback Daniel Jones struggling to make a splash in the NFL. After losing superstar running back Saquon Barkley to a torn ACL in week two, Daniel Jones is under even more pressure because he is unable to rely on their run game. Despite playing in the weakest division in the NFL, the Giants have not won the division since 2011. However, Giants fans should not give up on this season. All four NFC East teams started this season with losing records through their first five games, leaving the division wide open for the Giants. Although the Giants still have a shot at the division, their hopes at a Super Bowl are extremely slim. New York City football does not look bright this year and all we can do is hope for next year’s rebuild, or move upstate to Buffalo where the Bills are the only¬† successful New York football team.