Family Science Night: Creating Scientists of the Future


Image: Emma Basha

On November 20th, Sleepy Hollow High School held yet another successful Family Science Night. The fun-filled evening was complete with a wide range of science lessons and activities, from experiments with fire and air to the making of liquid nitrogen ice cream. While parents and their children had plenty of fun learning about science, the importance of Family Science Night reaches far beyond that. 

In Mrs. Madani’s room, parents learned how to use everyday items in a household to teach children about science. Mrs. Madani believes in the importance of exposing children to science, since “they don’t get much science in elementary school.” She wants the kids to know that “science can be fun and not just a boring topic.”Junior Frankie Puleo, a helper in the physics room, commented, “Family Science Night teaches kids science and gives them an introduction to what they could potentially do far in the future.” 

In Mr. Choi’s room, the children were able to see the exciting effects of fire and flammable fluids. In Mr. Choi’s lesson, he defined science as being able to “to know, question, and discover,” and children were able to learn and further question many aspects of science. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Erenberg and Mr. Doherty worked with liquid nitrogen to make ice cream, a big hit among the kids and parents. They combined the liquid nitrogen with ice cream ingredients to create a delicious treat. Mr. Erenberg said he believes Family Science Night “introduces science at a young age so [kids] can continue it.” One parent in the ice cream room agreed with Mr. Erenberg, saying that Family Science Night is a “popular, great way to get the kids into science when they’re younger.”

In addition, other classrooms included Mr. Berger and Mr. Franco’s, featuring the fun of water, Mr. Hanuschak’s science of food and beverages, Ms. Cabrera and Ms. Zielinski’s room of slime, and Ms. Adamo and Ms. Peltier’s air science. All of these different programs allowed for focus on multiple areas of science so parents and their children could witness a larger variety of scientific topics. 

Overall, Family Science Night allows for children to be immersed in science for a single evening and hopes to create a lasting effect. One parent described the event as an opportunity to “meet new faces and future teachers, while providing a hands-on type of learning.” Thank you to the PTA, the Science Honor Society, and all of the high school science teachers for organizing this educational and enjoyable evening!

Image: Public Schools of the Tarrytowns