March Senior Spotlight

Andrew Walek

Andrew is one of the top seniors on the
Sleepy Hollow Varsity Baseball team, wearing
number five and playing in the outfield. He also

participates in Mock Trial and plays the saxo-
phone. He is a part of the Wind Ensemble and

the Jazz Band. Andrew loves many different
types of music, ranging from rap to country to
classic rock. His mother is Japanese, and he is
very proud of his heritage!
Fun fact: Andrew’s favorite song at the moment
is “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X!

Eliza Grose

Eliza is one of the co-presidents of the Exec-
utive Board. She also plays clarinet in the Wind

Ensemble, sings in chorus and select singers, and
takes part in the musical every year! She plays
volleyball year-round, for school and with a club.
Additionally, she is passionate about researching
positive psychology. When she’s not on the court
or in the music wing, Eliza loves to bake and play
board games.
Fun fact: Eliza has injured her ankle more times
in her life than the average person would in twelve


Doriz Yari

Doriz is a varsity cheerleader during the win-
ter, and she plays tennis during the fall. She has

played the violin in Sleepy Hollow’s orchestras
for eight years! In addition to these activities,
she is a key member of the African American
Heritage Club, and the president of the Latin
American Student Organization. In her free
time, she enjoys volunteering at her church and
spending time with her family.
Fun fact: Doriz is a trilingual icon! She speaks
English, Spanish, and French!