5 Questions with Mrs. Rosenwasser

Lightly edited for clarity

What do you like best about being a high school English teacher?

I think I like best being able to guide young adults as they’re moving through difficult time of life and at the same time an exciting time. They’ll become citizens of the larger world, not just our high school.

What is your favorite book to teach?

Hmm…to tell you the truth, I prefer teaching the essays in my AP course as opposed to teaching fiction. I enjoy organizing readings around topics about things that are more relevant today, having to do with democracy and individual freedom versus rights, reading a variety of authors from sixth century BC right up until 2018 on those same topics, and seeing how the evolution of thinking about those individual rights versus obligation to government don’t change as much as we think they might. I know it’s enlightening for my students, and it’s fun to bring them that realization.

Have your students changed since you first started teaching? If so, how?

Not at all. Children are children.

What’s the most common English mistake your students make?

Misusing the semicolon. It drives me crazy.

What’s the difference between reading and staring at a dead piece of wood for hours and hallucinating?*

[Dryly] Ha, ha, ha. Don’t even try it.

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