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J & G or Greene County?

Hoofprints settles the debate of the century once and for all.

Arguably the most heated argument in all of Sleepy Hollow High School has to do with lunch food. Which deli is best: Greene County or J & G Italian Deli? The two institutions quite literally face off against one another, located on opposite sides of Beekman Avenue, right across from the high school. Every day, deciding between the two delis is a challenge for upperclassmen and people all over town alike. In my opinion, there is nothing better than a classic California from Greene County. You can’t go wrong with chicken, bacon, avocado, and ranch! Like other Greene County fans, I like it because it’s cheap, it tastes good, and it’s usually less crowded than J & G. However, many students prefer J & G, since it’s healthier, allegedly better-tasting, and has higher-quality food. Since many students’ favorite part of their school day is, indeed, lunch time, I asked some of my classmates which restaurant they prefer to determine once and for all which is best. 

Senior Andrew Walek says, “J & G probably has better food and better drink selection, but Greene is cheaper, and its food can be good at times too.” He also believes that Greene Country has better hot food. Senior Helen Tejada is similarly conflicted, stating that, “Greene County has great but super unhealthy food.” Sophomore Kevin Sullivan prefers J & G “because of their chicken parm and chocolate milk, “which are two pretty solid reasons if you ask me. On the other hand, sophomore John Lim is not only a fan of Greene County’s “amazing sandwiches,” but also he appreciates the atmosphere: “The people who work there are friendly and quick, and the sauces are incredible too,” Lim said. It’s true: Greene County has a wonderful selection of communal sauce containers open for anyone to use. Clearly, students’ feelings about these two restaurants run deep. 

To settle the debate, I took to Instagram to find out which deli would win in a general poll. Students from all high school grades voted, and fifty-three percent voted for J & G, while forty-seven percent voted for Greene County. J & G’s slightly higher prices and healthy variety won out over Greene County’s fast, friendly service and indulgent chicken sandwiches. Overall, the students of Sleepy Hollow prefer J&G over Greene County, but Greene County does not lack admirers. Regardless of this spirited debate, it’s great that Sleepy Hollow students are supporting local businesses every day at lunch. 

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