Senior Reflection– Leah Scarpati

I found my voice in music when I was eight years old and started playing drum set. Since then, I’ve played in countless bands of varying genres, been recognized on several occasions at local, state, and national levels, and got accepted to one of the top music colleges in the world. Despite all this, I feel the exact same way as I did when I first started playing drums; that I am nothing more than an artist and a student. I say an artist because music is expressive. I play the emotions of music rather than the notes, and my goal is to share that feeling with the audience. I say a student because nobody has figured out all the intricacies of music, and therefore to be a musician is to always be learning.

The most important part of my experience with music is the fact that I’ve gotten the opportunity to do it in school. Without Mr. Sprague nagging me to do NYSSMA every year, I wouldn’t have been in the All State Instrumental Jazz Band. Without Mr. Day reminding me every day about the deadline, I wouldn’t have participated in the Skidmore Jazz Institute. Having a music department as active as ours is something I have never taken for granted. Every opportunity to practice, perform, and compete with the school bands has been a gift for me in figuring out what I love. As I leave Sleepy Hollow behind for The New School for Jazz, I can only hope that others will recognize the same passion for music in this environment that I had to opportunity to.