Ms. Burrello’s Farewell

It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to the class of 2018. The graduates have shown great perseverance and strength to reach this great milestone in their lives. Our Sleepy family will greatly miss the humor, spunk, and creativity that their class has shown over these four years. Together we broke out of jail and escaped the detectives as fugitives; we defeated the evil koppas and King Bowser and saved the princess as the Super Mario Brothers; we placed our bets and marveled at the awe that was the Las Vegas Boulevard; finally, we raised our anchors and rode off into the sunset. Each year the newly elected class officers brought with them a goal driven attitude and steadfastness to reach them without hesitation. I continue to wish all my officers past and present the best of luck as they continue their journeys post high school. As a collaborative team, this class has showed how inclusive and vibrant Sleepy Hollow can be and what it means to be true HORSEMEN. It is with this spirit that I say to the entire class of 2018, it’s not goodbye, but SEA YA LATER SENIORS!