INTERVIEW: Next Year’s Executive Board Co-Presidents


Newly elected co-presidents of the Executive Board, Eliza Grose and Helen Tejada, pose at the Spring Fling.

Being elected co-presidents of next year’s student Executive Board seems like a victory lap for current juniors Eliza Grose and Helen Tejada. After each serving in various student government capacities since freshman year and contributing greatly to the school community through theater, science research, and sports, the seemingly unstoppable best friend duo ran unopposed for our school’s top student leadership position. Hoofprints sat down with Eliza and Helen to discuss their new positions, their working dynamic, and their plans for the future.

Hoofprints: What does an executive board president do, exactly?

Helen Tejada: We have a lot of responsibilities. Basically, we come up with ideas for projects that all of student government will carry out, lead student government meetings, and work with the Board of Education when they need us. We also lead the executive board, which takes on school-wide projects like last year’s spring dance.

Eliza Grose: And every morning we read the announcements on the intercom.

Hoofprints: What makes you two a good team?

Grose: We’re a good team because we’ve been friends forever and we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We both like to be in control, but we also trust each other to work hard, which makes it easier for us to take on big projects.

Tejada: And when we work together we tend to know exactly what the other is thinking, so we collaborate very well.

Hoofprints: What are your goals for student government in the 2018-19 school year?

Tejada: One of my goals is to have a second spirit week, like color wars or something similar.

Grose: Yeah. Having another spirit week would really help increase school spirit throughout the year, instead of just in October. Color wars would hopefully be similar to spirit week in that each grade has a color, but it would have a much more laid-back and friendly vibe than spirit week. Grades could compete in fun games and competitions throughout the week.

Tejada: It’s still in the works, but we’re definitely looking forward to it!

Hoofprints: Can we expect another school dance next year?

Grose: We’d love to have a dance right after midterms as a celebration of the halfway point.

Good luck to student government next year!