Cons of Mindfulness

“Every time someone says to be mindful, I get more annoyed and stressed” says a Sleepy student about the new Mindfulness campaign. This campaign has purely good intentions, but its intentions are far from its results. Talking to Sleepy’s highly competitive seniors, who have watched the nascent campaign gain momentum over the past few years, they say that the constant advice to “not stress” and “be in the moment” is impractical. Everyday students are faced with teachers, family members, fellow students who are asking about college plans, decisions for majors, and ideas for jobs. The constant pressure of the future isn’t just internal, it’s overwhelmingly external.

Mindfulness is a solution that takes little account for the inescapable pressure other people place on you. Similar to breathing exercises, being told to relax and stress less becomes more difficult the more it’s thought about. The workload given by the teachers also doesn’t allow students to forget about looming deadlines for assignments. Students have to be constantly thinking ahead to keep up with courses. One student remarked, “Mindfulness! Why don’t they give us nap time, or no homework!”. Students also say it’s too time consuming to be worth while. The way the teachers have been enforcing Mindfulness in classrooms has made it seem like some panacea, when in reality, it does little to actually help many students.