SHEDI 2017

Everyone knows that with fall comes football, soccer, cross-country, and field hockey, but did you know that it’s also when Varsity Swimming and Diving, one of Sleepy Hollow’s strongest sports, comes around as well? Yes, you read that correctly! Our high school does have a swim team, and with more divers and swimmers than ever before, 2017’s swim season is expected to be one of the most intense yet.

SHEDI, an all-girls team of 35, is a swimming and diving team composed of Sleepy Hollow, Hastings, Edgemont, and Irvington students. This year, we are lucky to have 7 Sleepy members representing SHHS, including one of the four team captains, Sam Silver. Silver, a  senior, commented, “Through our challenges, the team has persevered this season and our swimmers have continued to show love of their sport.” The team captains work alongside SHEDI’s three coaches, one of whom comes from the  Sleepy Hollow community. Claire Carr, a special education teacher at W.L. Morse School, has coached the Varsity team for seven seasons. Her dedication to the team is one of the reasons SHEDI has grown into a strong team and formidable opponent, confirmed by the fact that SHEDI has lost only 2 meets within the last 4 years.

Each day, the team meets at the EF pool and practices stroke work, technique, relays, and other events. The success of the team can be partially attributed to the talent of the players. Many members are involved in either US Swim Teams or local club teams, allowing them to practice year-round and bringing that dedication and love of swimming into the Varsity pool. Having such a large group of girls that is so excited and passionate about the sport is part of the reason SHEDI is so unique, and why it’s time for Sleepy Hollow dive its attention into the water.

While the team is mostly swimmers, SHEDI features three divers. Jessie Cowles, a Sleepy Hollow sophomore, is one of those girls. Jessie dives year-round alongside the divers from other schools. Already, Jessie and fellow diver Meera Kasturi have made the team incredibly proud by qualifying for sectional cuts, a prestigious diving competition.

With meets, divisionals, sectionals, and states around the corner, SHEDI is on track to finish yet another strong season. Come watch and cheer the team and the seniors on at their homecoming meet on October 19th, at the EF Pool at 4:00 pm! Between the excitement in and out of the water,  you won’t regret adding SHEDI to the list of favorite fall sports.