Pippin Behind the Scenes

Tess Kaplan, Staff Writer

This year, Sleepy Hollow High School performed the Broadway musical, Pippin, originally directed by Bob Fosse with music by Stephen Schwartz. The musical is about a theatre troupe, led by the Leading Player (Jashon Sample), who tell the story of Pippin (Henry Titcomb) by acting out significant moments of his life on his quest to find “purpose”. The story begins in the early Middle Ages. Pippin is the intelligent son of King Charlemagne (Peter Moriarty), the leader of the Franks. His sly stepmother, Fastrada (Helen Carr) coerces Pippin into murdering the King, which he later regrets. Throughout the show, Pippin tries to find purpose in different ways, with war and romance. He realizes that anything that he does leaves him feeling trapped inside. Eventually, the actor playing Pippin falls in love with the actress playing his love interest, Catherine (Mary Delvecchio). They both defy the script of the show and choose to live a happy, ordinary life, rather than completing the dangerous yet “shining” finale.

In the production, many actors were able to connect the lessons of Pippin to their own lives. The lessons particularly resonated with the seniors, who will begin their search for purpose after graduation in only a few months. Many of the seniors were sad to say goodbye to their last musical. Senior, Owen Steele commented, “Looking back, I really appreciate my years participating in the musicals and I’ve really benefited by making new friends in other grades. I really love the theatre culture of the school.” It’s clear the actors in the cast enjoy being part of the theatre community. Camille Marchini, a junior, explained, “Theatre really gives you a chance to open yourself up to new opportunities and new people you may never talk to on your own.”

Overall, the entire cast had an amazing experience practicing and performing Pippin. The extensive process of putting on the show consisted of months of practice, including long nights and Saturday rehearsals. Even during the difficult moments, the cast put a smile on their faces, knowing the satisfaction from successful performances was more than worth it. The cast hopes that everyone in the show will continue to find things that fulfill lives. Congratulations to all actors and students who participated in the show!