In Defense of the Rom-Com

It is no secret that romantic comedies are not considered the manliest of all movie genres. These movies are largely considered feminine because of their focus on topics like love and other emotions that many members of society believe men should not show. However, everyone has emotions and men shouldn’t be dissuaded from watching these movies just because they aren’t traditionally “masculine.” In a world where it is becoming increasingly easy to watch many different movies, it is not right for men to ignore the myriad of great romantic comedies available. 

Romantic comedies, or “rom-coms,” have their roots in ancient Greek comedies, and are usually light-hearted and easily consumed. They generally focus on love stories between two unlikely soul mates, and are full of funny moments and happy endings. Some people, especially men, choose not to watch rom-coms because they are “too girly.” But what makes rom-coms girly? What about them is non-masculine? Love and emotions are not something reserved to one gender, and not something for anyone to be ashamed of showing. Movies have the power to make viewers feel something, and the emotions experienced while watching rom-coms are simply good. Emotion keeps us human, and we would all be better off if men learned to embrace their feelings. 

Secondly, people may consider rom coms formulaic, and that may be true. Rom-coms generally start with a “meet-cute,” followed by some inconveniences and mishaps. Then comes the “grand gesture” fixes the bad stuff, and by the end the leads have fallen in love. It’s true that the plots are similar, but the same argument could be made for most mainstream movies, if you simplify them enough. Just because the movies are similar does not mean the whole genre is bad. Each movie has its own characters, who you may grow to love and have a connection with.

The connection you have with characters makes you enjoy a movie, and in rom-coms you get to see these characters face challenges, overcome them, and fall in love. These characters don’t face supernatural threats, but instead face problems anyone can face. They are relatable and represent one of the best parts of being human.  Rom-coms overlooked because they are stigmatized in these ways, but this stigma needs to change. The genre has a lot of potential to entertain and provide connection, and much of the population is missing out. Love and laughter? What more could you want?